by Doc Martin

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The songs featured on "Timewarp" were specially selected from Doc Martin's original retro vinyl recordings.


released August 5, 2012

1) Baby When The Night Is Callin' – Doc wrote this song and did the vocals. Doc also wrote the score for this song. 1980 Recorded at Studio By The Pond in Hendersonville, Tn. This is the same studio that England Dan recorded all of their hits out of. Players: A band called Parade that Doc performed with. The writing was inspired by Robert John's “Sad Eyes.”

2) Wrong Time - Doc recorded the song in 1973 He recorded it in Austin, Tx. This song was originally written, performed and recorded by A band called Spooky Tooth. The organ player of this band was Gary Wright who was also the writer, recording artist and performer of the song “Dream Weaver” and “Love Alive” in the 70's. The band that recorded this cut with Doc was Zylker Sunday featuring Johnny Simpson on guitar at 18 years old from Memphis, Tn. I was inspired to record this song after hearing Spooky Tooth live in concert at the Catacombs Club in Houston Tx. In 1968 I knew I wanted to record a Spooky Tooth song.

3) Where Would I Be Without You – 1980 Recorded also at Studio by The Pond in Tn. Doc wrote this song and did the vocals. Doc also wrote the score for this song. He was still in the disco mode. He was gaining great inspiration from Quincy Jones.

4) Jenny Please Call Me - Doc wrote this song and did the vocals. Doc also wrote the score for the song. Recorded in 1976 at The Sound Shop in Nashville. There was 22 musician's on this session. Doc wrote every part for every instrument. Doc also played clarinet on the song. This song resulted in a bill board pick hit right along side play that funky music white boy.

5) Hey Do You Want My Love – Doc wrote this, did the score. The vocals were done by Doc's first band “The Young Society.” The song was recorded approx. 1966 in Corpus Christi Tx. It was inspired by The Five American's song “Western Union.”

6) One Lonely Tear Drop – Recorded approx. 1966 Corpus Christi Tx. Doc and Dave Lawerance wrote this song. Doc did the vocal arrangement. It was Doc's first studio recording. It received much air play through out Corpus Christi. The Young Society was modeled after The Association but with a much younger sound.



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